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Prof. Hong-Geun Jung


Supra Malleolar Osteotomy for the Medial Ankle Arthritis


Short Bio

  • Chairman, Board of Directors, Korean Orthopedic Association

  • Past President, Korean Foot and Ankle Society (KFAS)

  • Vice President, Korean Society of Sports Medicine (KSSM)

  • Professor and Past Chairman - Department of Orthopedic Surgery & Konkuk University Medical Center

  • Jung Hong-Geun is a leading Foot & Ankle surgeon with +25 years of experience in performing orthopedic surgeries of the foot and ankle and treating related conditions.

  • In 1988, Hong-Geun graduated from the  Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine and in 1998 did his Master's, followed by MD in 2000.

  • During his career, he even held a Fellowship at the Union Memorial Hospital, USA during 2002-03.

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