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Dr. Emilia H. Tanchuling


Panel Reactor / Perception of female orthopedic surgeon: Then


Short Bio

Dr. Emily Tanchuling is an active orthopedic consultant at The Medical  City in Pasig City, Philippines. She finished her orthopedic training at the  Philippine Orthopedic Center. She then pursued post-residency training  in Orthopedic Infectious Diseases at the Hennepin County Medical Center  of the University of Minnesotta, USA, as well as training in Bone and Soft  Tissue Banking at the North American Tissue banking Services of the American Red Cross. She has been actively involved in promoting awareness on orthopedic infections with the  Philippine Orthopaedic Association as well as the Philippine College of Surgeons. She is  also currently the President of the Philippine Society of Women Orthopedic Surgeons Inc.

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